We see the bigger picture

We believe that we can create positive change for people and the planet through working together with businesses that have a focus on sustainability and a forward-thinking approach to what they do.

By empowering these businesses with communication tools and the understanding of how to use them, we can promote a more positive and productive way of working together with each other and the planet.

The proof is in the pudding

Words can only say so much. Ultimately, it is our actions that prove who we are. Integrity sits at the core of our philosophy and radiates out into everything we do, along with more traditional values of respect and honouring one another.

The Brainboxes

Members of Seesaw are hand-picked from a range of disciplines, based on their creative ability, attention to detail and integrity of character.

We also have a pool of freelance creative talent that we can dip into at any time to find the right pair of hands for your project.

Joe Million

Director & Designer

Simon Kenworthy

Brand Strategist

Will Jeffrey

Illustrator & Animator

Laurence Ellis

Photographer & Videographer

Rich Daley

Web Developer

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